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It is necessary to differentiate this disease from other problems with the gastrointestinal tract. As a primary diagnosis, palpation of the abdomen, collection of anamnesis of concomitant diseases are carried out. Examinations may be required to make an accurate diagnosis. Dyskinesia is divided into hypo- and hyperkinetic. In the hyperkinetic form, there is increased activity of the gallbladder, spasms. The contractions of the organ occur more often and more strongly than is required for the digestion of food. The result is spasm and sharp pain. The cause of dysfunction is most often psychological factors - stress, overwork. In some cases, the violation occurs due to irregular nutrition, long breaks between meals.

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Hypotonic dyskinesia (or hypokinetic) is characterized by a decrease in the amount of bile produced and a weakening of the contractile function of claritin pills. At a young age, a disorder of the hyperkinetic type develops more often, in mature and older age - according to the hypokinetic type. The manifestations of these forms of the disease are different. With hypokinetic dyskinesia, pain in the right side is aching, dull, and radiates to the back. Heaviness and fullness in the gallbladder may be felt. Unpleasant sensations are usually caused by stagnation of bile. In hyperkinetic disorder, pain occurs most often after eating or at night, it is sharp, but does not last long, caused by excessive activity of the organ and spasm of the sphincters.

Symptoms and treatment of hyperkinetic dyskinesia. Signs of hyperkinetic dyskinesia are sudden bouts of colic in the right side, lasting no more than 20 minutes. Also for the hyperkinetic form of the disease are characteristic. It is necessary to treat JVP in adults depending on the type of disease - hyper- or hypodyskinesia. With hypertonicity of the gallbladder, drugs are used that reduce it - antispasmodics (Drotaverine, No-Shpa, Papaverine), as well as sedatives and tonics. Nifedipine is used to reduce muscle tone and the sphincter of Oddi (responsible for the release of bile). The consumption of fats, irritating foods is limited. Cholagogue and bile-stimulating agents for hypertonicity are not used.

Treatment of JVP by hyperkinetic type in children involves taking claritin drugs that strengthen the nervesystem and reduce excitability, as well as to buy loratadine pain and spasm. The dosage of drugs for children is less than for adults, it is determined by the doctor. For the nervous system, herbal infusions are useful - ginseng, eleutherococcus. Choleretic drugs for dyskinesia. With hypotonic dyskinesia, there is a lack of bile to digest food. If the fluid is produced in sufficient quantity, then due to the low activity of the bubble, its stagnation occurs. Also characteristic. Taking choleretic agents helps to increase the tone of the gallbladder, enhance contractile function and prevent bile stasis, which can lead to the development of inflammatory processes in the organ. Drugs for biliary dyskinesia are divided into 3 groups according to their action.